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An amazing service developed for Cosmetic clinics and for beauty salons


CosmetiQ™ platform is cloud-based ERP, web platform, unique service for cosmetic clinics, beauty salons and the one and only solution for their customers. It includes and unites customer-side web platform and management system & web-site for cosmetic clinics and beauty salons which is next level for managing and automizing business operations & processes. It includes several specially designed software modules for automizing financial, warehouse, HR, booking & visit management. Customers will be able to take a look, search for a clinic or salon, their representatives, cosmetologists, stylists and book a visit at desired time. Customer-side web platform offers veriety of features itself.

CMS Version
CosmetiQ V1.0 BETA
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CMS Main Features

With our products you will have unique opportunity to expand your business
services regionally and easily manage processes.

Business Management

We propose advanced management web-system to easily manage business processes with the help of integrated modules.

Financial Management

We offer automized financial operations, salaries, cash flow, revenues and expenses with advanced reporting solutions.

Warehouse Management

Detailed warehouse operations enables users to automatically manage operations with the financial module support.

Business Process Management

Easier & more comfortable business operations with detailed statistics, reports, tasks & communication.

Booking & Visit Management

CosmetiQ platform itself enables the users to book visit to desired date & time with desired cosmetologist or stylist, which will be managed administrative side.

HR Management

This module automizes HR activities and enables the manager to control co-workers activities, salaries, visits & vacations, access rights.

CosmetiQ™ Benefits

Become one of the first organisations which benefits from the innovation!

Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP is next generation management system which offers more security. You will be able to manage operations from anywhere the world easier and comfortable.

Flexible Service Plans

We offer 4 servicing plans: Starter plan, Basic Plan, Premium Plan and Pro Plan with relevant features which covers all size clinics.

Partnership Program

We offer additional partnership solutions which covers: Basic Plan - Silver Partner, Premium Plan - Gold Partner and Pro Plan - Platinum Partner.

CosmetiQ - Business Profile

All clients and partners are eligible for CosmetiQ platform integration which means business profile and managing customer online bookings.

CosmetiQ - Stylist Profile

This feature is available only with partnership program which enable them to create and manage Stylist profiles on the platform.

Unique Solution

We proudly say that there is no similar service available across the region. Become one of the first organizations which benefits from the innovation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course not. We want everything to be easy and comfortable. We made up servicing plans (monthly pricing options with relevant features and functionalities) and united features which are available under 4 servicing plans.

Servicing plan is the monthly pricing option with the relevant features pack. We offer: starter plan, Basic Plan, Premium Plan and Professional plan. in order to become eligible for additional partnerhip program which means more features for business development you have to use Basic, Premium or Professional Plan. Starter Plan is not eligible for partnership program.

Please fill the contact form below and enter your name, surname, organization & organization ID. Our representative will get in touch as soon as possible and discuss the options, servicing plans and partnership eligibility.

We say that our aim is simplicity and service availability. We won't make you to pay for every step, moreover we won't make integrations difficult to you. By our desicion trainings (software adoption), integrations and support are included in every servicing plan and they are free!

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